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Published on Thursday, 26 May 2011 19:12
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You can find the latest news about flights to Astrakhan in the practical information section
27.05: Information has been updated
Fliht information
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Future finals call for hostage is opened

Published on Sunday, 15 May 2011 09:44
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You can find the information in the Eurobot 2012 menu section
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Qualification in Algeria

Published on Monday, 02 May 2011 11:54
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Date: April, 30th - May, 1st

Teams qualified for the Eurobot final:


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Qualification in Belgium

Published on Monday, 18 April 2011 11:51
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Date: April, 17th
Number of registered teams: 12
Number of present teams: 12
Number of approved teams: 12

Teams qualified for the Eurobot final:

Os Inraci

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Live News

Robots like people — 01.07.2011


The "EUROBOT 2011" competition continues at full stretch. The most of the young scientists' robots have passed the homologation.

The first contest between the Russian robots has been accomplished on the arena today. The Russian teams had to play two rounds. However some participants had to play the third round many times. The championship was hold for choosing the best three teams from eight ones. These three ones will be participants of the final competition and be emulous of robots which were made in other countries.

The Judges wanted robots tobe examined seriously. A robot must have a fixed size and a polygon shouldn't be spoiled by it. A robot must prove its working ability and has not to hurt others. The polygon is a field having red and blue squares and a green zone.The green zone is special for figures. Robots must put figures on the zone during 90 seconds.

Of the first pair team's contest which are called "VIRUS" and "DIM" started with technical problems. The teams were given two minutes to solve them. The "VIRUS" team took the leading position. The robot of this team began to move all the figures. The team entered into the half-final. The robot's designing took about 130.000 rub. The designers hope it will be a successful contribution.

However this championship was not so successful for the Russian team which is named "A-Robot" (Astrakhan State University). This team has two rounds, but its robot didn't leave even the corner. But the students of Astrakhan State University said that they will be work hard at their skills.

There were a lot of funny and unexpected moments. One of them is that the "R-MORBY" team which took the second place in the half-final, signed away unexpectedly . The system of sensing competitors was broken that's why this team had to give up.

So, three Russian teams can take part in the final of "EUROBOT 2011". They are Argonaut (the first place in the half-final), "Virus" (the third place in the half-final) and Octoid.

Results of the first day of competitions Eurobot 2011 — 01.07.2011


The official qualifying round of the “Eurobot” for Russian teams took place on the 28th of June. The qualifying round - 25 matches each of 5 periods, and 8 teams had go through to the next round. On the day of 29th of June, leader is team “Virus” from the MSTU with the result of 450 points. Second place occupied by team “Octoid” with the result of 270 points. And the third place - team “ARGONAUTELL” with 220 points. Other teams-participants have comparable results - about 120 points each. Unfortunately, there are some teams that had dropped out of the “Eurobot” - “Voxel” and “Veselye Peshki”.

Astrakhans are especially proud of their team “A-Robot” from ASU that currently is on the 6th place with result of 110 points. Right now they are preparing for the new match. Come to SEC “Zvezdny” and support our teams!

Results, Of, The, First, Day, Competitions, Eurobot, 2011

Win by chance, lose by bad luck — 01.07.2011


30 the Russian national championship was held within the limits of competitions "Eurobot". Russian teams have to win in fierce struggle in order to enter the European final. Following the results of yesterday's qualification only eight teams from ten had the right to take part in the national championship.

The first match was between team "Virus" from MSTU of Bauman and team "DIM" from Moscow gymnasia №6. But "DIM" robot had technically malfunctions that haven't allowed them to start the match in time. Team had to take 2 extra minutes for preparations. Following the results of three rounds pair match "Virus" won.

The second match was between team "ARGONAUTE 11" and astrakhan team "A-Robot" from ASU. ASU team robot couldn't leave starting position in both rounds, that's why team received 0 points. The command "ARGONAUTE 11" became the winner of the match.

In the third match team "rMorbi" from MSTU of Bauman faced team "qRobot" from Moscow department of education. The "qRobot" has made some collisions with the opponent and judges mentioned that aggressive actions of robots during the match are not rewarded. Following the results of a match the team "rMorbi" became the winner.

Fourth match - team "Octoid" vs. team "Sigma". In the second round there was a collision between robots, therefore team "Oktoid" passed to the semi-final with suitable advantage in points.

Semi-final pairs: "Virus" vs. "ARGONAUTE 11", "rMorbi" vs. "Oktoid". Mistakes of their opponents let "rMorbi" and "ARGONAUTE 11" proceed to the final. "Virus" and "Octoid" robots in both cases have put counters on wrong cells, having brought opponents additional points. Commands "Virus" and "Oktoid" have taken the third and fourth places accordingly.

But "rMorbi" unexpectedly refused participating in the final, so "ARGONAUTE 11", "Virus" and "Oktoid" proceed to the final.

Unfortunately, no astrakhan teams could pass it through to the "Eurobot" final matches.

Team from ASTU dropped out from the "Eurobot" without a blow. Their robot "Polar fox" broke down during prestarting tests. This accident had happened on the 28th of June about 3 a.m. And they had less then 12 hours to to repair the robot. Malfunctions were too serious to fix them in time. That's why ASTU team didn't take part in the "Eurobot". But lads don't lose their readiness of mind and have already started preparations to next year. We wish them well and wait for future victories.

4 & 3 places — 01.07.2011



4-th Place Scholar's Mate

3-th Place TURAG

Untitled page — 01.07.2011

2-th & 1-th places — 01.07.2011



2-th Place - UNICT TEAM

1-th Place - RRT

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